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Medieval city classified World Heritage Site by Unesco, Provins is a top tourist destination in Ile-de-France. Today, Provins is hosting the first European festival dedicated to Duke Ellington, and undertake to make a major musical event, for all audiences.
Cultural and Sports St. Ayoul Centre is divided into four distinct poles: a section devoted to entertainement, a reception area, a center devoted to music and another devoted to sport. The premises have preserved part of the original architecture (former military area) with a modern touch bringing the full functionality while preserving the historic environment.
Cesar Hotel Provins hosts concerts of Duke Festival (club and afters). This 3-star design, created by the designer Laurent Maugoust amazed by contemporary elegance and "winks" to the Middle Ages. From your windows you can admire the detail and Holy Cross church of the 12th century, or watch the city dominated by the Caesar's Tower and the Church of St. Quiriace two unforgettable postcards.
The Regional Council of Ile de France supports the Duke Festival as part of its program of assistance to current and amplified music festivals.
The General Council of Seine et Marne Duke supports the Festival.
SPEDIDAM is a civil society for management of the performers' rights. It has about 74,000 performers and copyright holder grants aid projects (creation, show broadcast live, training performers).
SACEM serving music creators.
The vocation of SACEM is to represent songwriters, composers and music publishers by protecting musical creation, collect and share the copyright. SACEM is a  non-profit civil company run by creators and publishers of music: over 138,000 French and foreign members, more than 42 million works (all music by national and international repertoire).
Through its Cultural Action, SACEM contributes to the creation, production and dissemination of new works. In this context, it joins the Duke Festival and La Maison du Duke to create the composition contest "Ellington composers".

Construction company of Provins, serving the communities, businesses and individuals to build all the facilities of tomorrow that will improve our quality of life.
An industrial company engaged in sustainable development, which produces and sells concrete products for the roads.
Founded in September 2009, the association La Maison (Duke's Place in Paris) brings together Duke's fans and neophytes to preserve and share the Ellington's legacy : concerts, conferences, exhibitions, webTV, archives, scores ...
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